Calligraphy Service

Iframe Graduation Photos offer a bespoke calligraphy service. The work is carried out by our skilled calligrapher with over 20 years experience. This service provides you with the opportunity to have the name of the school, college or university written neatly at the bottom of the mount. Our calligrapher used the “uncials” style of writing which is widely thought of as the easiest to read of all the calligraphy styles. Hand writing gives the photo a far more classy look than any computer generated writing. The calligraphy is in black ink.


Your choice of mount colour will affect the way we do the calligraphy as follows:

Light Shade

– if you choose a light shade ( pure white , antique white , ivory ) then the calligraphy will be written directly onto the mount.

Dark Shade

– if you choose a dark shade ( nightshade , black , or sepia ) then we will cut an aperture in the mount with the calligraphy written in the aperture.

Bespoke Service

As this is a bespoke service, if you would like any writing (other than a school, college or university) on your mount, please just enter your wording in the box (after selecting the calligraphy option) as part of the customisation process.

Some students may like their degree type displayed in addition to the university name e.g. Durham University BSC (Hons) Mathematics or alternatively the date of the graduation e.g. Durham University 12th July 2017.

There is a 40 character maximum which should be more than sufficient for all requirements.

The additional cost of this service is only £4.50.

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