Iframe Graduation Photos are leaders in the printing out and framing of graduation photos uploaded from phones, tablets and desktop computers. We have over 50 years experience in this field and want to help you create a lasting memory of your graduation day. Our aim is to provide you with an a framed photo of 1st class degree standard!

Graduation Day

Graduation is one of the most significant milestones in a student’s life and their learning journey. It incorporates the completion of studies and the beginning of new careers and professions. It’s a special and meaningful occasion, not just for the student, but for the proud parents and family members. Here at Iframe Graduation photos, we can help you in constructing your perfect graduation day memorabilia. Such an accomplishment should be honoured and we believe that these cherished memories should last. After all, why take a photo and then never look back on it when you have the opportunity to custom design your own mount and framework to your exacting standards resulting in the finished article taking pride of place in your home and never forgotten about. Your photo will be framed exactly to your demand and requirements. Our wide range of bespoke frames gives you the chance to make your photo unique, so that you can create your own personal graduation photo that you can look back on fondly, whether you are a student or family member.

What You Do?

How to get your photos to us?

You can upload you photos direct from your smart phone, tablet or desktop or direct from Facebook or Instagram. We would recommend that your image file size is at least 1MB but we can accept files up to 50MB. The bigger the file size the better the quality of the printed photo. Larger photo sizes will require a greater file size to avoid the image pixelating when enlarged.

Your Options:

Choose from Landscape or Portrait
Choose from wall hanging or table hanging
Select if you want to add Calligraphy to the mount – Click Here
Select your framed photo size
Select your frame style
Select your mount colour
Select if you want add a gold or silver line around the mount


A Landscape Orientation is a photo layout that is wider than it is high.
A Portrait Orientation is a photo layout that is taller than it is wide.


  • Size A – 260mm x 210mm
  • Size B – 370mm x 307mm
  • Size C – 430mm x 355mm
  • Size D – 490mm x 402mm
  • Size E – 550mm x 452mm

What We Do?

Print and Frame Graduation Photos

Your uploaded photo is printed onto top quality, 250 gm2 thick, glossy photo paper using the latest technology 8 colour cartridge inkjet printer. The printed photo is mounted onto acid free mountboard in your colour choice..

Our calligraphy specialist handwrites your wording in black ink on the mount and gold or silver lines are added as required.
We frame the mounted photo in your frame choice of mouldings from either the Bevel Range or the Watercolour Range.
We cut the 2mm float glass and 2mm hardboard backing to fit your frame size. Depending on the size and your hanging choice, we either finish it off with D-rings and cord so it arrives with you ready to hang on your wall or we attach struts to the back of the hardboard so it arrives ready to stand on your table or sideboard.

Mounts Colours

We offer a choice of 6 different mount colours specifically chosen to compliment graduation and school photos as follows:

Antique white, Pure white, Ivory, Black, Sepia, Nightshade

Delivery Time

Delivery is within 5 working days of receipt of the order. The framed photo is wrapped in several layers of bubble wrap and then placed in a special telescopic picture frame box so that it doesn’t move in transit.

Frame Styles

We offer a choice of 10 different frames. 6 from the Bevel Range of Polcore Mouldings and 4 from the Watercolour Range of Polcore Mouldings. These have been specifically chosen to compliment graduation and school photos. The Bevel Polymer mouldings are environmentally friendly and are characterised by their constant, clean finish which will give your picture a modern, contemporary feel. The Watercolour Polymer moulding are also environmentally friendly but are more traditional in style and look great with graduation photos.

Hanging Options

Wall Hanging

Table Standing


Calligraphy is professional handwriting on your mount. Click on the button below to find out more about our unique Calligraphy service

More Information

Mount Lining

You can have a gold or silver line inked on the mount a distance of 5mm from the inside of the mount.

Size A

310mm x 260mm
overall size

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Size B

370mm x 307mm
overall size

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Size D

490mm x 402mm
overall size

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Size E

550mm x 452mm
overall size

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What You Get?

Framed photos, made to your specifications and of supreme quality which arrive ready to either hang on your wall or stand on a table.